Brexit for Chemical users

So what does Brexit mean to you from a chemical safety perspective - nothing (I hope).

If you are a downstream user (and most people are) then what changes?

  • You are still going to use the same substances
  • The risks will be the same
  • You will need to know what the risks are
  • You will want to put adequate controls in place to protect your workers

From the perspective of chemical safety European cooperation has been a good thing.  I have worked with industrial chemicals for nearly 30 years and the availability of reliable health and safety information has never been so good.

I am not going to dwell on the arguments for or against Brexit but I hope we continue to work with our European partners to share and improve the information available to users of chemicals.  If as much progress in the next 20 years as has been made over the last 20 then the world will be a much safer place.


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