COSHH Chemical Assessments

Marches Safety's core business is Chemical Safety Assessment.  This means we will provide a single solution for any management gaps that you have in your use of chemicals.

We can:

  • Find out what chemicals you are using by conducting a site audit.
  • Obtain all MSDS sheets relating to your chemicals.
  • Translate MSDS information into language you and your staff understand.
  • Provide written assessments about the safe use of your chemicals.
  • Assess the mixtures of chemicals you use in line with COSHH requirements.
  • Provide CLP compliant labelling for your chemical tanks and storage containers.
  • Train your staff in safety and handling of chemicals.
  • Advise on appropriate PPE to protect your staff.
  • Package all this information into a single resource record.
  • Provide peace of mind that you have a legally compliant chemical managment system.