Marches Safety - Specialist Chemical Safety Consultants

Marches Safety are chemical health and safety consultants, specialising in chemicals and hazardous materials used in the working environment.

If your company is in the manufacturing, food or wastes sectors and needs to comply with COSHH, Marches Safety can help you achieve compliance, help by providing expertise in chemical processing and fill gaps in your company’s skills set.  We will carry out the necessary assessments and we will work with all your staff to ensure the assessments are embedded into working practice.

Marches Safety are here to provide technical support, allowing you to concentrate on growing and developing your business. For more information please get in touch or call on 01568 600522.

What Our Customers Say:

Marches Safety came and audited our chemicals. They put together a Chemical Safety Database which is simple to use and enables us to pass on chemical safety information to all our staff. Now we have every tank labelled with its contents and GHS hazard warnings along with basic safety requirements like what PPE is needed and which engineering controls are required.
Client: Defence Electronics Client